Course Details

  • What is it?

    This is a 5-week course that shows you how to work with different audio files and equips you with the skills to convert them into text format. We also show where to get clients and how to land jobs. Our focus is heavily on equipping you with the relevant practical skills you need to deliver quality work to your clients.

  • Who is it for?

    This course is designed for anyone with an interest in audio file conversions and is curious to know how they can make money from transcription and/or captioning. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an intermediary, the course is designed to accommodate both. To complete this course requires you to be focused, dedicated, driven, and committed.

  • Why did we come up with it?

    At Wingu training, our goal is to create a freelance workforce that can deliver the kind of quality the online market needs and fill the gap that currently exists. We strongly feel that freelancers need more systematic, advanced and extensive training on transcription and captioning to compete in the International Market. The present market is full of shallow , low quality courses and Tutorials that don’t add any real value to your overall transcription / Captioning career and don’t help you much when it comes to support , gaining relevant in-depth practical skills that gives you an edge in todays market.

Course Overview

Deliver value and get consistent work

With this course, expect to get detailed information about what transcription and captioning are and the different types that exist. We equip you with the necessary skills you’ll need and also point out the common mistakes to avoid to become a better transcriptionist or captionist. We go into great detail about the various platforms where you can get clients, and how to properly approach clients. We'll teach you how you can set up online accounts, create strong portfolios and use them to land jobs. Because practice makes perfect, we've included practical tests that allow you to practically apply the skills we teach, while we evaluate how much you've learned. With each test, we will also provide useful feedback and insight on where to improve. This course is designed to give you the right start with practical skills that are in high demand. If everything we’ve mentioned sounds interesting to you then this particular course is for you. Start earning a full-time income or good side income stream today. Join us to begin your journey to a successful career!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 : What is transcription?

    • Setting The Foundation - Please Read This First
    • How This Course Works
    • Chapter 1 Video Lesson (50 Minutes)
    • What is transcription?
    • Why is transcription important?
    • Common Myths and Misconceptions of transcription
    • Qualities of a great transcriptionist
    • What skills do you need?
    • Who can do transcription?
    • Different types of formats and transcription
    • Transcription and the future
  • 2

    Chapter 2. Basic Transcription Skills

    • Chapter 2 Video Lesson (45 Minutes)
    • Improving Your Typing Speed
    • Improving Your Spelling
    • Tips to Improve Your Spelling
    • Improving Your Grammar
    • Mastering Punctuation
  • 3

    Chapter 3: Working With Audio Files

    • Chapter 3 Video Lesson (43 Minutes)
    • Must have Transcription Equipment (hardware & software)
    • Working with Express Scribe
    • Express Scribe Setup and Dashboard Overview
    • The Incoming, File Types, Speech-to-text, Disk Usage, and Other tabs
    • Express Scribe’s Special Audio Processes for Cleaning up Poor Audio
  • 4

    Chapters 4: Transcription Mastery

    • Chapter 4 Video Lesson (32 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • Best Practices for Improving Your Workflow
    • Proofing to Audio
    • Understanding Basic Transcription Terminology
    • The Process of Transcription and Transcribing Your 1st Audio File
    • Full Verbatim Transcription Practice
    • Non-verbatim/Clean-verbatim Transcription Practice
    • Timestamps and Speaker Labels
    • Dealing with Difficult Audio and Heavy Accents
  • 5

    Chapter 5: Advanced Transcription Techniques for Productivity

    • Chapter 5 Video Lesson (29 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • Tracking Multiple Speakers
    • How to Track Multiple Speakers with Express Scribe
    • Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts for PC, Ms. Word and Express Scribe
    • Setting up Autocorrect on a Windows PC
    • Working with Text Expanders
    • Top 5 Best Text Expanding Applications
  • 6

    Chapter 6: Video Captioning Mastery

    • Chapter 6 Video Lesson (35 Minutes)
    • Introduction: What is Video Captioning and Why it is Important
    • Who needs Captioning and Why, and the Differences between Transcription and Captioning
    • Types of Captioning
    • How to Caption Videos: The Formats and the Captioning Process
    • Tools and Skills needed for Captioning
  • 7

    Chapter 7: Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • Chapter 7 Video Lesson (30 Minutes)
    • Why you Should Get Some Experience Before Applying for Work?
    • 3 Ways to Gain Some Experience
    • Learn How to Build a Killer Resume
    • How to create your Portfolio Step-By-Step Using
    • 5 Self Practice Tests to add to your Portfolio
    • How to Create a Cover Letter That Will Get You Hired Instantly?
    • How to Avoid Getting Scammed Online
    • Proven Upwork Cover Letters Video Lesson (25 Minutes)
    • Proven Upwork Cover Letters That Will Land You More Transcription and Captioning Jobs
    • How to Start Accepting Payments Online
    • Transcription and Captioning Practical Masterclass Overview
    • Transcription and Captioning Practical Masterclass
  • 8

    Chapter 8: Finding Transcription Work

    • Chapter 8 Video Lesson (1 Hour 20 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • 5 Best Practices for Applying for a Job
    • Working as a Subcontractor
    • How to Find Transcription Companies to Work With?
    • Finding Work on Popular Freelance Job Sites
    • Why it’s Important to Build an Online Presence
    • How to Build a WordPress Website for Your Transcription Business?
    • Getting Web Hosting For Your Business
    • Installing Themes and Plugins
  • 9

    Chapter 9: Mind-set and Mentorship

    • Chapter 9 Video Lesson (23 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • Mentorship
    • Ethics for Freelancers
    • Common Myths about Transcription and Captioning
    • Common Mistakes Most Transcriptionists and Captioners Make
  • 10

    CHAPTER 10: Final Tips , FAQs and Assessment Tests

    • Chapter 10 Video Lesson (15 minutes)
    • Guidelines for Submission and Assessment
    • Plan Of Action Video Lesson (2 Minutes)
    • Plan Of Action - Step By Step Blueprint to Success
    • How To Get Started on Fivver
    • How To Get Started on Upwork
    • Final Tips and F.A.Qs


by Mercy K

Testimonial title

by Mercy K

Before this course, I didn't know it was possible to make more than a decent earning from transcription and captioning. Before taking the course, the whole concept seemed complex. But I love how the course was very thorough in how it broke down transcription and captioning and explained every point clearly. It used very relatable examples that made it easier to understand. Also, the fact that they had video formats of the lessons, made it easier for me to learn. I could be doing a different task, while still going through the course, which was a plus. It's been a dream come true working full-time as a transcriptionist and earning a full-time income from it.