Course Details

  • What is it?

    This is a 4-week course that shows you how to write high-quality articles and also get work / clients. We focus heavily on the relevant practical skills you need to have so that you can deliver quality work to your clients.

  • Who is it for?

    This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to write great content and earn a living from it. You need to be focused , dedicated , driven and committed as you undertake this course.

  • Why did we come up with it?

    After training writers in-house for our team the last 5 years, we decided it was finally time to share our knowledge with more people. At Wingu training, we hope to create a freelance workforce that can handle the kind of quality the online market need.

Course Overview

Deliver value and get consistent work

We teach you how to write content in great detail. We use practical examples and illustrations that will enrich your learning experience and get you ready for the market. Writing comes in handy in all spheres of life, and just like any other skill, it requires constant practice to master. Some writers do not know this, but training is vital if you want to turn your words into a consistent stream of income. This course is designed to give you the right start with practical skills that are in high demand. If you are committed to learning professional content writing this course is designed for you.Are you ready to turn your passion into a career that not only gives you consistent income but also helps others around you? Then join us so that we can make your dream come true!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 : What is Professional Article Writing

    • Setting The Foundation - Please Read This First
    • How This Course Works
    • Chapter 1 Video Lesson ( 30 Minutes )
    • What is Professional Article Writing?
    • Why Become a Writer?
    • Important Daily Habits and Practices of Great Writers
    • The Number 1 Habit of Great Writers
    • Why Some Writers Fail Where Others Succeed
    • Ways to Get Inspired to Create Content
    • The Monster – Writer’s Block and 3 Tips for Overcoming it
    • Finding and Studying Role Models
    • Ethics and Guidance
    • How to Set up Payment Accounts
  • 2

    Chapter 2 : Good Writing – General Principles

    • Chapter 2 Video Lesson ( 2 Hours , 40 Minutes )
    • Know Your Reader – Before You Write
    • Simplicity
    • Writing Elegantly
    • Writing Clearly
    • SEO Copywriting
    • Effective Writing - Good Writing
    • Copywriting Strategies
    • Case Study – 2 LinkedIn Articles that Went Viral
    • Writers’ Checklist
  • 3

    Chapter 3 : Writing Habits, Research Strategies & Tools

    • Chapter 3 Video Lesson ( 40 Minutes )
    • Effective Writing Habits
    • Powerful Research Strategies
    • Tools for Writers
  • 4

    Chapter 4 : Skills Training

    • How to Write Product Reviews Video Lesson ( 55 Minutes )
    • How To Write Product Reviews
    • Product Review Master Test
    • How to Write Product Descriptions Video Lesson ( 38 Minutes )
    • How To Write Product Descriptions
    • Product Description Master Test
    • How to Write Press Releases Video Lesson ( 55 Minutes )
    • How To Write Press Releases
    • Press Release Master Test
    • How to Write Blog Posts Video Lesson ( 55 Minutes )
    • How To Write Blog Posts
    • Blog Post Master Test
    • How to Write Landing Pages Video Lesson ( 30 Minutes )
    • How To Write Landing Pages
    • Landing Page Master Test
    • How to Write Case Studies Video Lesson ( 30 Minutes )
    • How to Write Case Studies
    • Case Studies Master Test
    • How to Write Sales Copies Video Lesson ( 28 Minutes )
    • How To Write Sales Copies
    • Sales Copy Master Test
    • How to Write Social Media Posts Video Lesson ( 30 Minutes )
    • How To Write Social Media Posts
    • Social Media Post Master Test
    • How to Write About Us Pages Video Lesson ( 26 Minutes )
    • How To Write About Us Pages
    • About Us Page Quiz
    • About Us Page Master Test
    • How to Write YouTube Scripts
    • YouTube Script Master Test
  • 5

    Chapter 5: Writing Revenue – Getting Clients, Keeping them, and Getting Paid

    • Chapter 5 Video Lesson (1 Hour, 30 Minutes )
    • Types of Writing that Pay
    • How to get Work/Clients – The Various Platforms
    • Writing Effective Proposals
    • Proven Upwork Cover Letters Video Lesson (27 Minutes)
    • Proven Upwork Cover Letters That Will Land You More Content Writing Jobs
    • How to Get Paid
    • How to Avoid Getting Scammed
    • Pro Tips for Effective Writing
  • 6

    Chapter 6: Creating your own Website, Writing and Self-Publishing an eBook, and Setting up a Portfolio

    • Chapter 6 Video Lesson (38 Minutes)
    • Why have a Website/Blog?
    • How to Create a Free WordPress Blog
    • Starting a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog/Site without Coding
    • Creating and Self-Publishing an eBook
    • Creating a Killer Portfolio that Sells
    • How to create your Portfolio Step-By-Step Using
    • 5 Self Practice Tests to add to your Portfolio
  • 7

    Chapter 7 : Common Mistakes Writers Make

    • Chapter 7 Video Lesson (30 Minutes)
    • The Most Common Mistakes Writers Make.
  • 8

    Chapter 8: Mindset and Mentorship

    • Chapter 8 Video Lesson (18 Minutes)
    • Importance of Having the Right Mindset
    • Mentorship
    • Ethics
    • Myths About Writing
  • 9

    Chapter 9: Content Submission and Assessment

    • Chapter 9 Video Lesson ( 8 Minutes )
    • Guidelines for Submission and Assessment
  • 10

    Chapter 10 : Final Tips and Q&A

    • Chapter 10 Video Lesson (3 Minutes)
    • Plan Of Action Video Lesson (5 Minutes)
    • Plan Of Action - Step By Step Blueprint to Success
    • How To Get Started on Fivver
    • How To Get Started on Upwork
    • Final Tips and Common FAQs


by Anne W.

Awesome Training

by Anne W.

The training course came at an amazing time for me. I learned so much over a short period that I didn't think possible before I considered writing; enough to start paying bills immediately I completed training. The course is detailed, the pace is great, and the mentors have enough patience to guide any dedicated newbie. Now, I focus on product reviews, product descriptions, blog posts, and editorials as my key niches. Working part-time, making enough to pay all the bills, and pursuing other interests at the same times feels like a dream finally come true.