Course Details

  • What is it?

    This is a 5-week course where you will learn how to build a profitable site from scratch and earn a monthly passive income. Our focus in this mainly on equipping you with the relevant practical skills you need to grow your site and earn a decent passive income monthly.

  • Who is it for?

    This course is designed for anyone interested in how they can earn a passive income online. We will show you how to come up with a profitable niche site that will earn you this passive income monthly through affiliate marketing. To be able to undertake this particular course, you'll need to be dedicated, driven, and focused.

  • Why did we come up with it?

    We have garnered adequate knowledge and mastery over the last 5 years on how build profitable niche sites that earn passive income each month from free organic google traffic. We came up with the course as there is a huge market demand on how to start affiliate marketing and quite frankly most of the courses out there are very shallow and sub-par.

Course Overview

Start making money with affiliate marketing

Through this course, we offer you detailed information on what affiliate marketing and SEO is. We break down the important elements of affiliate marketing and go in-depth into what they each entail. To ensure you fully understand we use relatable examples to explain each point. You’ll get to learn how to pick profitable niches, conduct proper keyword research and build an entire site from scratch with ZERO coding experience. We even offer you a student domain to practice WordPress and practically apply the knowledge we teach you. The SEO skills we equip you with will ensure you can rank for keywords on Google. That way you can start earning a significant passive income. Sounds interesting? Then this course is definitely for you. So, what are you waiting for? Join us today and begin your journey to a successful career as an affiliate marketer.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1 : Affiliate Marketing 101

    • Setting The Foundation - Please Read This First
    • How This Course Works
    • Chapter 1 Video Lesson (42 Minutes)
    • Introduction To Affiliate Marketing & How It Works
    • Affiliate Marketing Mindset & Managing Expectations
    • Why Should You Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?
    • How Much Money Can You Make?
    • Is Affiliate Marketing The Only Way To Make Money From Your Blog?
    • What Do You Need To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?
    • Common Myths and Misconceptions about Affiliate Marketing
  • 2

    Chapter 2 : Niche Selection & Affiliate Programs

    • Chapter 2 Video Lesson (35 Minutes)
    • Introduction : What is A Niche?
    • What is a Niche Site?
    • 3 Niche Types
    • Niche Selection : How to Find a Profitable Affiliate Niche
    • Are There Niches You Should Avoid?
    • Popular Affiliate Marketing Programs
    • Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Niche
  • 3

    Chapter 3 : Keyword Research

    • Chapter 3 Video Lesson (38 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • What Is Keyword Research?
    • Why Keyword Research Is Important?
    • 6 Types Of Keywords
    • 2 Important Keyword Factors to Consider
    • 14 Ways to Find Keywords for Your Affiliate Blog
    • Keyword Competition & Analysis
    • 3 Keyword Competition Levels { And How To Determine Competition }
    • Planning Content for Your Site
    • Over The Shoulder Keyword Research for The Turtle Site
    • Keyword Research Tool Kit
    • Intermediate Level Keyword Research Using KC
  • 4

    Chapter 4 : Content Development

    • Chapter 4 Video Lesson (43 Minutes)
    • The Importance Of Creating Quality Content
    • Content Templates
    • Content Creation
    • How To Hire Writers
    • Sourcing Images
  • 5

    Chapter 5 : Skills Training

    • Chapter 5 Video Lesson (31 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • Finding A Good Domain Name
    • How To Get A Logo For Your Website
    • Our Top recommended company to purchase domain name and hosting
    • Introduction To Wordpress Basics
    • Niche Site Resource Kit
    • 12 Steps To Setting Up Your Website (Part A)
    • 12 Steps To Setting Up Your Website (Part B)
    • WordPress FAQs
  • 6

    Chapter 6 : Getting Traffic To Your Website

    • Chapter 6 Video Lesson (45 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • 4 Primary Types Of Traffic
    • How To Get Traffic To Your Website { Part 1 } SEO
    • How To Get Traffic To Your Website { Part 2 }Social Media Traffic
  • 7

    Chapter 7 : Monetization

    • Chapter 7 Video Lesson (23 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • Display Ads
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Private Affiliate Marketing
    • Sponsored Posts
    • Selling Informational Products
    • Email Marketing
    • CPA (Cost per Acquisition or cost per action) Networks
  • 8

    Chapter 8 : Game Plan On How To Grow Your Site And Strategy To Massive Profits

    • Chapter 8 Video Lesson (41 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • To Start With, Here Is A Realistic Timeline For Your Site
    • Growth Strategy
    • How To Sell Your Site For A Big Payday (And Where To Sell Your Site)
    • Common Mistakes To Avoid
    • How To Open an Account To Receive Payments
    • How I sold a 6 month old site for $6000 dollars in March 2021 (Evidence Included)
    • A look at 15 Sites and why they are winning
    • 80+ Niche Ideas You can Implement
  • 9

    Chapter 9 : Tools And Resources + Affiliate Marketing Practical Skills Assessments and Submission Guidelines

    • Chapter 9 Video Lesson (18 Minutes)
    • Introduction
    • Tools You May Need Once Your Blog Begins To Grow
    • Assessments and Submission Guidelines
  • 10

    Chapter 10 – Mindset and Mentorship + Final Tips, Plan Of Action and FAQ’s

    • Chapter 10 Video Lesson (13 Minutes)
    • Mindset and Mentorship
    • FAQ’s
    • Plan Of Action - Step By Step Blueprint to Success
    • Final Word


by Martin K.

Terrific Training

by Martin K.

The Wingu Digital Team is approachable, experienced and are always willing to help you out as long as you communicate with them in good time. Also, they are patient and give constructive feedback on all the practice tests that you do.